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When most people in Avebury wanted to exercise they went to the local health club or jogged around the park.

When Jessie Smith wanted to exercise she went to the woods.

Her long brown legs propelled her along the rough trail, her worn running shoes slapping dirt. Thick curly hair bounced in rhythm to her strides. Enormously tall and fit, she wore only small blue running shorts and a gray sports bra. Clenched in each fist was a fifty-pound weight, her arms swinging wide. Sweat rolled down her face but she grinned. Seldom did she feel so alive!

Even with her degraded human senses the forest hummed with life around her. Birds chirped and insects buzzed out of sight. She remembered a time when that was enough for her. Now it was suffocatingly limited.

Where was she going? Jessie wondered that every time she came down that path. Ever since learning what she really was she couldn’t focus on human aspirations any more. Oh, there were still the old human concerns like fighting racism, sexism, homophobia, and especially—thanks to the plight of her friend Beira—transphobia. But her previous dreams of being a star athlete vaporized when she realized what she was actually capable of.

Well, she could always move to Las Costas, put on a costume, and fight crime as a superheroine. Were there any shanbirric superheroes? Maybe she could be the first. She couldn’t imagine leaving the community in Avebury though, her second family.

Her path took her over a rough hill and she came running into a wide clearing filled with mossy black logs, slowing her pace down as she descended the crest. Tossing her weights to the side, the young woman panted and wiped sweat from her eyes, gentle air currents cooling her glistening skin. As enhanced as it was, her human body could only take so much. It was time for her second set of exercises.

Positioning herself against the nearest log, she performed a set of stretches and shook out her lanky limbs. Her heart rate rose, not so much from her arduous workout as it was her excitement before changing. Taking a deep breath, she thrust out her broad chest and threw her head back.


Veins popped out along her arms and neck as somnidas gathered around her. The sweet essence of dreams was seized from the air and pulled into her body. Jessie’s other body, her other life, howled deep within her, eager to be free once more. Her body twitching, her golden eyes flashed as she shanbirric features replaced her human ones. Her black hair turned auburn and grew out even thicker, cascading around shoulders that were broadening. Emerging from her luscious curls were a pair of brown pointed wolf ears, and her fingers lengthened to ebony talons. Bones ground together as she stretched out, becoming even taller than before.

In her excitement Jessie snarled and growled as the transformation overtook her, fangs emerging from her mouth. Her ass quivered before a long brown tail sprang from her shorts. She loved that bit, but the best was yet to come.

Clenching her fangs, Jessie flexed her trembling arm. Her limbs were rangy and taught from a lifetime of sports and exercise, but that wasn’t the case when she transformed. She let out an ecstatic grunt as her spasming muscles steadily increased in size, her decent bicep more than quadrupling. She raised her other arm to observe its change as well, and flexed both, biceps swelling to inhuman sizes.

The rest of her rapidly grew too. Her legs were like tree trunks and her flat belly exploded out into a perfect striated six-pack. The only way her clothing survived was because they were reinforced with somnidas, making them as elastic as she needed them. Her bra stretched tight over a massive chest, and she shorts looked so small it was almost obscene.

Sadly she couldn’t go on transforming forever, and soon she felt her body settling down. She made a note to set up a camera to record her transformation some time; she really wanted to watch from a distance how it looked when she changed. Taking deep breaths, she willed her heart to steady itself.

Jessie Smith was gone. In her place was Ongalin dal Len the lopisan.

“Aw, yeah…” Ongalin hissed and admired her bulging muscles. Raising her head, she smelled the woodsy spring air, inhaling the countless scents of trees, plants, animals, fungi, life, and death. Her ears twitched as they picked bugs crawling below her feet and in the logs and the little animals scampering through the undergrowth. Her loppisan eyes caught tiny black ants crawling along bark on trees yards away. Now this was a body!

Cracking her knuckles, Ongalin approached a log as thick as three telephone poles leaning across a boulder the size of a small car, just where she had left it. Sinking her vicious claws into the soft bark, she grasped the log against her torso, and with a grunt hoisted it into the air.

The first time she had tried to lift it she only got it up a little for a second before dropping it again. Since then she kept returning to her spot, picking the log up. The last time her muscles strained a little but held out. Veins rose up over her arms, muscles bulging, but this time she didn’t feel burdened at all.  

Grinning, Ongalin set the log down as gently as she could, wiping rotting bark off herself. “Ha! Logs aren’t a challenge any more!” she boasted. She set her eyes on the boulder and knew what her next challenge would be.

Inspecting it to find the best place to hold, she reached beneath the formidable old stone and pulled. Unlike the log, this thing was solid all the way through and would not yield so easily.

Ongalin grunted, the boulder barely shifting. “Come on girl!” she growled. “You can do this!”

Slowly, the boulder rose in her hands. Ongalin let out an excited gasp but kept her cool. She was doing well but was it enough?

Every muscle in her body strained, bursting with raw power beneath her dark skin. It was by far the heaviest object she had lifted, and she was succeeding! On her first try at that! Carefully maneuvering the great stone, she raised it above her head, high in triumph!

Ongalin growled with wolfish delight. “I did it!”

Something fell on her face with a soft plot, something prickly. Surprised, she crossed her eyes. On her nose was a thick black millipede, dislodged from its home beneath the boulder. Letting out a sharp little cry, Ongalin tossed the boulder away with a thunderous crash that shattered a log and shook the woods, but she paid no mind to that as she was busy swiping at her face, flinging away the millipede.

Shuddering and checking herself for any other bugs, she noticed the destruction caused by her freak out and blushed. “Oops! Sorry about that!” she whispered to no one in particular.

Even so, her muscles sang to her, and a cursory glance told her that they had grown bigger. She’d have to measure them sometime to know exactly by how much, but they were definitely a bit bigger than before. Grinning, she leapt atop the boulder and raised her arms.

I am queen of the woods!” she bellowed. “I’m their guardian! Their goddess! I’m stronger than anyone and I’ll continue to grow stronger!

With that, she tipped her head back and let out a long, lustful howl to the blue sky. Ongalin couldn’t wait to return and discover how much stronger she was.

The woods beat the health club any day.      
Spring Workout

Just a little fic showcasing my character Jessie Smith/Ongalin dal Len. I'm very fond of her and hope to write a lot of novels, novellas, and short stories involving her. She has a major role in a much more substantial short story written prior to this but it's not yet ready for publication. If/when I do publish it I'll let you know. I hope you like this one. 
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